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US-2017058592-A1: Threshold assembly for an entryway system patent, US-2017066353-A1: Head restraint system patent, US-2017072529-A1: Surface grinding method for workpiece and surface grinder patent, US-2017081675-A1: Plant promoter and 3' utr for transgene expression patent, US-2017085139-A1: Rotary electric machine and stator of rotary electric machine patent, US-2017085181-A1: Power conversion apparatus and method for controlling power conversion apparatus patent, US-2017087225-A1: Compositions and methods for latent viral transcription regulation patent, US-2017091640-A1: System for maintenance of a manufactured product patent, US-2017094429-A1: Bone conduction devices utilizing multiple actuators patent, US-2017119455-A1: Large volume tissue reduction and removal system and method patent, US-2017121383-A1: Therapeutic use of bone morphogenetic proteins patent, US-2017121710-A1: Methods and compositions for modlating apolipoprotein (a) expression patent, US-2017128740-A1: Phototherapy device with real-time morphologic feedback and guidance patent, US-2017135023-A1: Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data in communication system patent, US-2017136924-A1: Sliding sleeve and headrest arrangement patent, US-2017137369-A1: Purification of cadaverine using high boiling point solvent patent, US-2017137549-A1: Transition metal catalysts for olefin polymerization patent, US-2017143450-A1: Endodontic instruments and root canal treatment methods patent, US-2017154029-A1: System, method, and apparatus to normalize grammar of textual data patent, US-2017154164-A9: Monitoring or feedback systems and methods patent, US-2017154294-A1: Performance evaluation device, control method for performance evaluation device, and control program for performance evaluation device patent, US-2017162218-A1: Two-motor co-located gimbal-based dual stage actuation disk drive suspensions with motor stiffeners patent, US-2017170964-A1: Verification of password using a keyboard with a secure password entry mode patent, US-2017175268-A1: Enclosed-channel reactor system with conduit plate patent, US-2017178184-A1: Determining criteria for selecting target audience for content patent, US-2017181357-P1: Variety of Calla Lily Plant Named 'Halifax' patent, US-2017187588-A1: Selective measurement reporting from internet of things devices patent, US-2017193462-A1: Financial switching engine and messaging patent, US-2017196261-A1: Smoking article comprising a combustible heat source and holder and method of manufacture thereof patent, US-2017202655-A1: Method of inserting a vein filter patent, US-2017204186-A1: Depletion of plasmacytoid dendritic cells patent, US-2017204267-A1: Recovered asphalt binder and methods patent, US-2017207288-A1: Organic light emitting diode display device patent, US-2017221420-A1: Organic light-emitting pixel driving circuit, driving method, and organic light-emitting display panel patent, US-2017223209-A1: Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium patent, US-2017227236-A1: Hot plate, and hob having a hot plate patent, US-2017230456-A1: Method, apparatus, and system for deep mirroring patent, US-2017238515-A1: Fishing reel equipped with anti-loosening handle patent, US-2017243095-A1: Image forming system, image forming apparatus, post-processing apparatus, and method of controlling the same, and computer readable recording medium patent, US-2017243500-A1: Method and a System for Automatic Assessment of a Candidate patent, US-2017247684-A1: Recombinant Fusion Proteins and Libraries from Immune Cell Repertoires patent, US-2017247975-A1: Well cementing methods and apparatuses patent, US-2017252124-A1: Implantable markers, and systems and methods for using them patent, US-2017266253-A1: Antithetical regulation of endothelial ace and ace2 by brg1-foxm1 complex underlies pathological cardiac hypertrophy patent, US-2017277748-A1: User driven business data aggregation and cross mapping framework patent, US-2017280259-A1: Assistive hearing device for use with a telephone and a hearing aid patent, US-2017280601-P1: Apple tree named 'Fuji VW' patent, US-2017288836-A1: Method and apparatus of transmitting training signal in wireless local area network system patent, US-2017295742-A1: Cannabis plant named 'MIDNIGHT' patent, US-2017311510-P1: Euphorbia plant named 'bonpri 1049' patent, US-2017313109-A1: Print module with air cooling arrangement patent, US-2017314376-A1: Method for forming a gas phase in water saturated hydrocarbon reservoirs patent, US-2017342061-A1: Crystal form i of canagliflozin and preparation method thereof patent, US-2017345262-A1: Computerized game management systems and methods for skill-based poker patent, US-2017354447-A1: Bone screw patent, US-2017355195-A1: Ink replenish container patent, US-2017355198-A1: Identifying first and second reservoir statuses patent, US-2017357719-A1: System for measuring the performance of music artists on digital platforms patent, US-2017360005-A1: Animated squeaky pet toy and method for producing a squeaky noise patent, US-2017363600-A9: Methods for detecting and quantifying analytes using gas species diffusion patent, US-2017373694-A1: Frequency based bias voltage scaling for phase locked loops patent, US-2018004745-A1: Distributed storage of metadata for large binary data patent, US-2018006533-A1: Electrical machine with reduced windage patent, US-2018011507-A1: Collaborative load balancing within a community of energy nodes patent, US-2018013866-A1: Kernel multiplexing system of communications patent, US-2018025305-A1: Calendar Based Economic Engine patent, US-2018025490-A1: Multi-pass adaptive voting for nuclei detection in histopathological images patent, US-2018028614-A1: Use of interleukin-22 in the treatment of fatty liver disease patent, US-2018031605-A1: System and method for user activity recognition using accelerometer patent, US-2018033242-A1: Gaming system and method for enabling a player to accept or reject a progressive award patent, US-2018033457-A1: Direct current magnetoresistive jog offset compensation patent, US-2018035554-A1: Flexible display device patent, US-2015170717-A1: Method, Apparatus and Device for Data Processing patent, US-2015189743-A1: Photo-patternable dielectric materials and formulations and methods of use patent, US-2015200107-A1: Dense finfet sram patent, US-2015203646-A1: Method for producing laminated porous sheet comprising polytetrafluoroethylene and carbon particles patent, US-2015211421-A1: Method and system for starting an aircraft turboengine patent, US-2015212474-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2015212570-A1: Computer system and control method for computer system patent, US-2015251036-A1: Metallic Oxysalt Fire Extinguishing Composition patent, US-2015252350-A1: Spontaneously formed terminal supraparticles having nanoparticles for protein stabilization patent, US-2015262653-A1: Methods and circuits for generating physically unclonable function patent, US-2015291680-A1: Formulations comprising glucagon patent, US-2015303544-A1: Two-port non-reciprocal circuit element patent, US-2015305561-A1: Portable cooking grill patent, US-2015308263-A1: Cable integrity monitor for electromagnetic telemetry systems patent, US-2015329531-A1: Amino-pyrimidine-containing spleen tyrosine kinase (syk) inhibitors patent, US-2015351873-A1: Self-ligating orthodontic bracket patent, US-2016007145-A1: Mobile terminal, location information related content providing server, content panel display method, and mobile terminal program patent, US-2016011530-A1: Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, electrophotgraphic apparatus, and method for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member patent, US-2016048128-A1: System, in particular a manufacturing system patent, US-2016117363-A1: Distributed sql query processing using key-value storage system patent, US-2016121614-A1: Maintenance unit and liquid ejection device patent, US-2016162018-A1: Systems And Methods For Power Supply Configuration And Control patent, US-2016216307-A1: Detection circuit patent, US-2016244768-A1: Method for mobilizing stem and/or progenitor cells patent, US-2016277824-A1: Wearable telecommunication device in a form of a necklace patent, US-2016292941-A1: Keyless entry apparatus patent, US-2016355835-A1: Methods of modulating plant seed and nectary content patent, US-2017008923-A1: Solution phase synthesis and crystallization of beta-turn peptidomimetic cyclic salts patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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